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M.M.B. Offender Management Solutions (Government services only)

Welcome To Missouri Monitoring Bureau

We provide offender management solutions to Government institutions. Our (R&D) "research & development" team has proven techniques, services and products that help the Judicial system monitor defendants on bond supervision, as well as, during an offenders probation or parole.

Currently we provide services to Government institutions, Judicial systems, Law enforcement, and (M.H.) providers in several states. We service District, and County cases with both Juveniles and Adults. We operate a sex-offender (E.M.) "electronic monitoring enforcement program with G.P.S.  Our services can be tailored to your jurisdiction needs. No matter if your   D.O.C., A Court,Probation & Parole  office or  Youth services,   our agency has the skill-set and experience you require to properly manage your cases. 

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Missouri Monitoring Bureau


Experts in the field of bond supervision, probation and court order monitoring.

  • Electronic monitoring with G.P.S.
  • Remote alcohol monitoring "Continuous - live, instant reporting." 
  • Random color-line for drug, and alcohol monitoring.
  • Supervised and unsupervised (SIS) probation monitoring.
  • Monitoring and enforcement of Judicial orders.
  • P.S.I. (Pre-sentence investigations)
  • Background checks (Government only)
  • ​Research and develop new strategies, services and products.